Case study

Car Workshop VR


The project aimed to provide an interactive simulator of learning how to change a car tire and wheel by garage workers.

Our customer wanted a tool that would allow him to speed up the training of new employees in the company and limit the time of using real equipment for training purposes.


The program consists of two parts easing the user into understanding the processes of work on the position. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the available equipment and tools. Then, we proceed to dismantle the wheel, choose the right tire, change it, and finally mount the wheel with a new tire. From the beginning to the end of the training, commands and hints are displayed. Due to that, a user can successfully complete the program.

The experience was also designed to include the element of gamification in the form of a time counter, which measures the time of the task. The results of each employee are shown in the ranking.

The training provides "real-life" scenarios where workers prove they can apply the knowledge in a safe, yet practical way using virtual reality in 3D simulations.

The Result

Our solution helped achieve the desired effects by the client, which are:

- Reducing training time for a new employee from wheel replacement by 40% compared to traditional training

- Limiting the necessity to use workshop equipment for training purposes by 90%

- Reducing the instructor's commitment and using his work time for other purposes

- Addition of VR training to the whole cycle of training and implementation of new employees for work positions


NDA/ Car Service Centre Network




Training, Simulator VR, UI/UX design, Development


HTC Vive, Unity

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